Friday, 17 February 2012

Change from Within - Sushmita Sen on Changemaking

I love change! The uncertainity of unknown boundaries is an adrenaline high for the explorer in me.
For me, there is only one way to change the world - with excitement and dynamism.
'Each one change one' - change starts when one starts with themselves.
I can only change me :)
To think I can change another is just wishful thinking :)
Changemakers is a wonderful platform to inspire people to change themselves and then set about changing the world for the better.

So yes, to be aware is to know this truth and to nurture it.
With awareness everything grows and without, it stagnates and ultimately decays.
I practice this awareness everyday...the force within!
What we resist, persists. I practice no resistance to change and transformation.

An hour of silence is a must everyday; give and receive unconditionally; follow your heart; be non-judgemental; and don't have any misguided ideas of "perfection".
I nurture the doing and not be attached with the result.
Above all, I strive to have a purpose in life, which goes beyond the 'me' to the 'we'.
I use the unique DNA I was born with, for the good of the world at large...after all, life is not lived in isolation.
To have money, fame, adulation and whatever else I desire...and then to realise that good is not enough for me - I must be better!

I believe every life has awareness, some may not have realised it yet :)
If one can live their lives to the fullest potential, the world will automatically draw inspiration from that celebrated example.
Gandhiji said it well - "Be the change you want to see in the world".

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