Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Missing Link Between Ideas and Investment — Help Build It!

Editor's note: This post was written by Tim Scheu, Ashoka Changemakers Senior Project Manager
In the coming months, you'll see a new suite of features on that focus on growth—growth of impact, growth of capacity, growth of network. At the core of these tools is something called the Growth Planner.
Here's the thinking: You want support for your work. Support comes from people who are inspired by your idea and understand where your organization is headed. Changemakers' Growth Planner produces information that supporters need to engage and invest. 
Here’s how it works: You encounter a series of questions. Have you piloted your solution? Are you carrying out monitoring and evaluation? Is your Board of Directors optimized for your current stage of growth? Etc.
Based upon your responses to those (and other) questions, we’ll present recommendations for building your operational capacity or ensuring financial sustainability. You select the recommendations that are most appropriate, and you're on the path to growth.
Then, publish your short- and medium-term plan and reap the rewards of transparency! Would-be funders and volunteers are drawn by your track record and your ability to plot a clear strategy. They short-list you as one of the changeshops to watch. In some cases, they respond to a specific need you've shared. What to do from there - that's up to you.
As the number of innovators using Growth Planner increases, the experience only gets better. The more we learn about participating innovators, the more nuanced and accurate we can be with the recommendations. And the more data we collect about funding or talent needs, the better we'll be at assembling partnerships that fill those gaps.
To demonstrate how the Growth Planner could work (and how it might flow into related services), I've put together a quick demo. If you have 10 minutes, I'd love your feedback!
Thanks in advance for your support.
Ashoka Changemakers gives you tools you need to nurture the spark of an idea—the kind of spark that is found at the beginning of every movement—that holds the promise of a better world. Through Changemakers, you become part of a network of do-ers, advocates, and investors that can turn that initial idea into something larger.
Together, we'll build movements.
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