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#SocEntSummit #ChangemakeHERS Now Forms an Online Community!

Ashoka Changemakers hosted a 12-hour Twitter-based social entrepreneurship summit using the hashtags #SocEntSummit and #ChangemakeHERS, on March 06, 2012, as a curtain raiser to International Women’s Day. The #SocEntSummit is part of Ashoka Changemakers’ effort to form interactive virtual communities to dialogue, share and support common causes, goals and actions. The first in the series of real time virtual mega events, #ChangemakeHERS attracted over 700 unique participants across 6 thematic sessions, engaging 6 moderating expert organizations, and over 20 thematic experts across the globe. An analysis of the last 1500 tweets of the chat (more than 2500 tweets were tweeted during the summit) revealed that the total reach of the summit was 24,407,939 impressions (based on TweetReach report.).

Women social entrepreneurs, organizations working in the area of women’s development, professionals and students were among the participants who took part in the online forum.

The #ChangemakeHERS #SocEntSummit is part of Ashoka Changemakers online initiative to recognize the role women play in social development. Titled #ChangemakeHERS, the campaign will use Changemakers’ blog, media partners and social media channels to share and discuss issues related to women and changemaking. People interested to follow the discussions can be part of the conversation by following the hashtag #ChangemakeHERS on Twitter.

The summit was divided into 6 sessions, each related to a specific theme. Each theme had a set of moderators and panellists discussing few key questions related to the theme while various people participated and shared their thoughts by tweeting with the hashtag #SocEntSummit on Twitter.

Session 1: Women as Change Leaders

The first session at #SocEntSummit was on 'Women as Change Leaders' which was moderated by AshokaIndia (@ashokaindia). The session focused on the role of women as change leaders. They also discussed some of the barriers that women social entrepreneurs face and possible solutions.

The panellists were:
- Supriya Sankaran @supriyasankara, Ashoka India
- Ashoka Fellow HasinaKharbhih @hasinakharbhih
- Ashoka Fellow Biplab Paul @biplabketanpaul
- Ashoka Fellow Jessica Mayberry @videovolunteers
- Ashoka Fellow ShilpiKapoor @shilpi_kapoor
- Renee Singh @reneesingh18, Public Speaker and Writer
- PrernaBindra @prernabindra, Environmental Journalist
- Helga Worotitjan @Helgaworotitjan, Indonesia

Click here to read the storify summary of the first session.

Session 2: Livelihood and Financial Inclusion

The second session was moderated by Lina Sonne (@mssonne) and Dipika Prasad (@dipikaprasad) on behalf of advisory firm Intellecap. The session focused on ‘Livelihood and Financial inclusion’. The session focused on issues related to entrepreneurship, financial rights and empowerment.

The panellists were:
- KhalidaBrohi @sugharwomen, Founder of Sughar Women, Pakistan
- SharadShrestha @sharadbshrestha, Nepal Library Foundation
- SaniaNishtar @SaniaNishtar, Founder of Heartfile (health initiative)
- Jaipur Rugs Foundation @jaipurrugs, India 

Click here to read the storify summary of the second session.

Session 3: Innovation

The third session was moderated by the Viewspaper (@theviewspaper) and focused on ‘Innovation’. The session explored topics related to creativity, ideas and innovation in the realm of social and women issues.

The panellists were:
-SonalKapoor@ArtForCause, Protsahan India Foundation
- Ruche Mittal @hen_india, Her Enpreneurial Network
- Innovation Alchemy @innovachemy, India
- IFC South Asia @IFC_SouthAsia
- Soil India @SOILIndia

Click here to read the storify summary of the 3rd session on innovation.

Session 4: Women and Technology

The session on ‘Women and Technology’ was moderated by Emily Tav (@emilytav) who is the creative strategist at iStrategyLabs. The panellists and participants discussed how technology is playing a role in enabling women changemakers and how women are developing and using technology for development.

The panellists were:
- GauravBakshi @iGauravBakshi, Actor, Businessman, Social Activist and founder of Bharat Jagran Trust (Recipient of Citizen Journalist CNN IBN Award 2011)
- Aulia Halimatussadiah @ollie, Renowned Writer in Indonesia
- Indonesian Future Leaders @ifutureleaders
- Fountain of Hope Africa @fountainofhopeA
- Ruche Mittal @hen_india, Her Enpreneurial Network
- MalgorzataWojcik @wojcikmm, UK

Click here to read the summary of the session on technology.

Session 5: Women Empowerment - Education, Health and Awareness

The fifth session was on ‘Women Empowerment – Education, Health and Awareness’ and was moderated by KnowledgeBeat (@knowledgebeat). The session saw discussions about women’s empowerment, focusing on key areas of education and health.

The panellists were:
- Dr. Ruchi Bhatt @drruchibhatt, Founder of Health Cursor
- Ashoka Fellow Tatiana Frazer @tatiana_frase
- Shauna Carey, Room to Read @RoomtoRead
- TejNuthulaganti, Clinton Health Access Initiative
- John Gershman, Clinical Associate Professor, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
- Participatory Development Initiative @PDIPakistan

Click here to read the storify summary of the session moderated by KnowledgeBeat.

Session 6: Women and Landrights

The last session, session 6, moderated by Omidyar Network @OmidyarNetwork was on ‘Women and Landrights’. The session saw the panellists and participants discuss issues related to women and land rights, a subject rarely discussed on large forums but a critical issue globally.

The panellists were:
- Susan Davis @SusanDavisBRAC, President and CEO of BRAC
- Tim Hanstad @TimHanstad, President and CEO of Landsea Global
- Stephanie Cohn Rupp @StephCohnRupp, Investment Principal at Omidyar Network, who leads their property rights initiative

Click here to read the storify summary of the session moderated by Omidyar Network.

Taking action....
As the event concluded successfully, our sincere request to all the participants and our global community is to continue the use of hashtag #ChangemakeHERS throughout the year 2012 to dialogue, share ideas, thoughts, and impact about causes/issues around women. Also, we will soon launch our second annual HERS Campaign which will be hosted in a richer, more interactive content space that will be introduced end of this month on, where we will continue to profile snippets of social innovation by women.

Do build your*ChangeShop at and join our online community It’s everyone’s forum so let’s strengthen it!

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