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On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 from 9:00am EST/14:00 GMT to 4:00pm EST/21:00 GMT, the Rockefeller Foundation will host a #RF100 Twitter Conference focused on the three issue areas of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2012 Innovation Challenges – Farming Now, Irrigation Efficiency and Decoding Data. @ContextPartners to moderate the online event!

Invitation extended to all innovators, practitioners, students, experts, journalists, activists, content-creators, communicators, and anyone interested in the issues pertaining to the following timely and pertinent issues:
·         Farming Now: Supporting young people to enter and stay in farming as a profession
·         Irrigating Efficiency: Scaling or improving agricultural water use efficiency
·         Decoding Data: Using data to create change that improves the lives of poor or vulnerable communities in cities

Join any time during the conference by logging onto twitter. It’s your chance to share your thoughts, ideas, challenges, and perspectives on these issues and to connect with innovators and thought-leaders. Show your support to this unique online forum by promoting the event, here is a sample tweet you can use:

< JOIN @RockefellerFdn at #RF100 Twitter Conference on May 2, 2012 @9am EST onwards. View details at >

How does it work?
A Twitter Conference is an extended Twitter chat that is a real-time discussion focused on a specific theme. It is designed to bring together various stakeholders (from social entrepreneurs and innovators, to funders and media) to share ideas, discuss best practices, identify the latest innovations, and pinpoint areas requiring more exploration. It is also a great way to connect with colleagues and supporters around the globe!

How to participate?
1.                   Log on to twitter (if you don’t have an account, create one – its free)
2.                   Follow @RockefellerFdn for tweets and updates related to the chat.
3.                   During the chat use or an application like Tweetdeck or TweetChat to follow the #RF100 hashtag and keep up with the conversation.
4.                   Enter the discussion anytime by tagging your tweets with #RF100.
5.                   Here is the shortcut to the Twitter Conference room:

Source: Rockefeller Foundation:

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