Sunday, 8 January 2012

Join Ashoka Changemakers on January 10, 2012, at 2pm IST for Asia #SocEntChat on Innovations for Health.

Ashoka Changemakers and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio together have launched a competition titled 'Innovations For Health: Solutions That Cross Borders' to seek health care solutions from anywhere in the world that have the potential to be applied in other countries to improve health and health care systems.

If you know about any healthcare models that could be replicated elsewhere or have views on healthcare to share or are interested in knowing about what kinds of health care challenges are shared by communities around the world - Join Ashoka Changemakers on January 10, 2012, for Asia #SocEntChat on Innovations for Health.

Join @changemakers from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST) — that's 3:30 to 5:30 a.m. EST  to participate in a Twitter-based discussion with innovators, social entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts about health care solutions that have the potential to be applied in other countries in order to improve health and health care. This is your chance to make your voice heard or to ask experts in the field your most burning questions.

What is a #SocEntChat and how does it work? 
A #SocEntChat is a real-time, Twitter-based discussion about social entrepreneurship that focuses on specific issues, areas, themes, and events. It is designed for current and aspiring social entrepreneurs, funders, journalists, and supporters to share ideas, discuss the state of the field, identify the latest innovations, and pinpoint areas requiring deeper exploration.

Joining the conversation is easy. Just log-in to Twitter at 2 p.m. on January 10, 2012. Then:
  • Use the #SocEntChat hashtag to make your comments visible in the stream. Use or an application like Tweetdeck ( or thwirl ( to follow the #SocEntChat hashtag and keep up with the conversation.
  • Introduce yourself and take a minute to get to know the other chatters when you join.
  • Send your questions to @changemakers without the hash tag (to keep them out of the stream) so they can be considered for this conversation.
Please remember to use the #SocEntChat hashtag, stay on topic, be respectful, and have fun! And be sure to invite your friends and followers to join the discussion, too; the best way is to post a tweet like this one:

Join @changemakers on Jan 10 at 2pm IST for a #SocEntChat on health innovations that cross borders! Spread the word & save the date! #innovatehealth

Looking forward to catching you on Twitter!

Team of @changemakers in Asia

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